Friday 16 December 2016

Aman Mehndiratta best investors for startups in delhi

Aman Mehndiratta

Today’s youth believe in creating job rather than looking for one. This concept has led to a lot of new start-ups in recent years. Oxford dictionary defines start-up as the action or process of setting something in motion. Basically start-up is a company such as small-business, a partnership or an organisation. Google, Apple, Facebook are a few names which started as a small start up and now have become the market leaders. Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg are a few names who made big names in the field of start-up. They have inspired or rather revolutionalised the startup concept. India is no exception to it. Aman Mehndiratta is one such name. A young man with the aim to make a name in the start-up came up with the idea of Prime Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

A company that started late in 2013 has grown exponentially making Aman Mehndiratta a new face of young entrepreneur in India.  Prime Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a hardware consultancy which provides consultancy based on type and configuration of hardware with or without associated software application. This company is has its roots situated in Gurugram. Aman is one of the directors in the company. Prime provides online remote support technical solutions for all IT related issues. Aman believes that quality is the quality is the backbone of any business and Prime focuses mainly on providing quality solutions to its clients making them one of the trusted companies in the field of Hardware solutions.

Aman in an investor in start-up. Aman invested in a start-up and made it big. With his efforts he made Prime one of the top Hardware consultants in Gurugram. Aman always wanted to start a company that could help others with the modern technology. This idea led to the development of Prime Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd. Coming from a small background, Aman Mehndiratta always wanted to make a name for himself. He started Prime with the help of two other friends Aamir Aslam and Amit Sharma. The company which started 3 years back as a small firm now stands as a big company and is still expanding in terms of service.

Aman was earlier working as an Assistant Manager in Live Tech Connect and was handling a team of almost 60 members. He was responsible for overall productivity and target for the team and making sure all the employee grievances were handled on priority. This experience has made him a better leader in the Prime. Aman has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. This gives him an edge over other competitors.
Aman Mehndiratta is best investor in start-up. It’s his dedication and string leadership skill that has made Prime emerge as one of the leaders of the market. Aman is a top investor in start-up and is consistently looking for partners to expand his business and take it to new heights. He strongly believes in working in hand to hand which is a great key to success in any business.

As the Director in Prime, Aman has the following roles.
  • Develop and achieve financial objectives
  • Collaborate with marketing team and come up with campaigns for the  company.
  • Plan, direct and track financial aspects of the organisation.
  • Implementation of new tools to keep up with the changes.
  • Ensure competitive advantages to the organisation.
Aman is an entrepreneur. He is also associated with various social activities and always looking to give back to the society. He is actively working for civil rights of the people and is actively working to bring about economic empowerment in the society. He is also associated with various charities who are working for the under privileged children in providing them with basic necessities and education.

Aman Mehndiratta

Contact- 09911666188


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